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Starting January 2021, PH Global Kids Smart Future Technology Inc., has assigned “DJI | RC Victory World Trading Inc.” under the website “” as its Philippine evaluation and warranty support center.  RC Victory World’s experience in dealing with repair goes as far back as 2011 when it was the first and only DJI Dealer at that time. Its rich history and specialty as a Remote Control Hobby Shop selling, fixing and assembling RC Helicopters and RC Airplane Products.  Most importantly, they also assembled DJI products from hobby kits in the past when DJI produced DIY (Do It Yourself) kits in the early days catering to mostly hobby enthusiasts.



To better serve DJI Dealers and End-Users and to enhance customer satisfaction, the following DOA & Warranty replacement procedures have been implemented.


DOA – Dead-On-Arrival, refers to brand new DJI products recently purchased not exceeding 7 days from the date of purchase stated on the receipt.  The product once opened is immediately found to be non-functioning, the product inoperable or not fully usable for its intended purpose thus concluding that the overall product is defective.  This does not include esthetics such as minor issues like broken propellers or scratches or cosmetic issues such as undesired color or possible missing accessories etc.  It is specifically referring to the product as not functioning normally as expected and the product cannot be used due to the defect or malfunction.

MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY – is a promise from the manufacturer that DJI stands by its product and that the product should function accordingly for a specified period of time.  If the product stops functioning within the prescribed warranty period from the official date of purchase, then the manufacturer is willing to assess the product for free to find out “IF REASONABLE AND PROPER USE” was applied on the product and investigate the malfunction occurring is based on manufacturers defect and not the mishandling or abuse by end user.

DOA REPORTING TIME LIMIT – Dealers and end consumers must report within 7 days to RC Victory World in order to qualify for DOA assessment. Failure to report on time, will result in DJI’s refusal to honor the DOA issue.  Time is of the essence.  Most importantly, one must take into account and be mindful of Sundays and Holidays, where the unit is reported late on the day before a holiday or a Sunday.  This means, the unit will only be attended to on the next official working day which might be too late to claim the DOA.REPORTING WEBSITE FOR DOA CASES – A website has been provided for dealers and consumers looking to apply for a DOA claim can input their report under the portal  Dealers and end users must report their DOA issue within the specified time, by filling out the form provided in the website and attaching the supporting documents such as official receipts, or proof of purchase, entering the proper serial numbers, explanation details, pictures and video links displaying and explaining the problem necessary to prove their claim.It is also the responsibility of the dealer and or end consumer to confirm if RC Victory World has received the email either the same day or the very next day by texting or calling to confirm if the email was received.  This is due to the fact that some emails might have failed to arrive in in-box.  To confirm, please call +63 917-626-7974 or text to confirm.  If the dealer or end user does not receive a confirmation reply within 24 hours, from the date, they have e-mailed and/or texted, it is the dealers or end-user’s responsibility to follow up with (RC Victory World) to confirm if the email or text was received.

OFFICIAL DJI PRODUCTS FOR PHILIPPINE DISTRIBUTION – Refers to DJI products that have been imported into the Philippines officially by the official distributor and have been processed legally by the Bureau of Customs of the Philippines and all serial numbers are recognized by DJI themselves as being sold to the Philippines are the only ones eligible for DOA and Warranty claim.  Units bought in South East Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, or possibly USA via Amazon etc.  Must be sent to their respective countries of origin to obtain official DOA or Warranty Service.  “DJI DOES NOT PROVIDE INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY“RESPONSIBILITIES:DJI | RC Victory World’s role in this endeavor is to help PH Global Kids Smart Future Technology Inc. Test, verify and confirm defective units, to ensure that a product qualifies as non-functioning or has defective issues that falls under DOA (Dead on Arrival) category or determine if the product was mishandled by end users. Starting in April 2021, RC Victory World Trading Inc.  Will now provide DOA REPLACEMENT UNITS DIRECTLY TO END USERS.If in the event the DJI product fails to qualify as DOA after assessment, RC VICTORY WORLD will automatically provide FREE Assessment to find out if the product could qualify under WARRANTY instead.  If the products do qualify for warranty after assessment and coordination with DJI directly, then RC Victory World shall be instructed by DJI to provide the necessary warranty scope of repair subject to the scope of capability available locally.  Some items, however, may fall outside the scope of local capability so the unit must be sent back to DJI headquarters for warranty repair.  In such matters, RC Victory World can help assist With logistics. RC Victory World however, is not responsible for the logistical expenses such as fees incurred in shipping logistics, customs import & taxes etc.


All “OFFICIAL DJI PRODUCTS FOR PHILIPPINES” with DOA issues shall immediately contact RC Victory World via their website “” by filling out all the necessary details needed in order for to create a case number with DJI.  Failure to do so will only cause delay and possibly be disqualified from claiming DOA.  Please understand that DOA replacement is determined not by RC Victory World or PH Global, but by DJI themselves.  Only DJI themselves can officially approve a replacement for DOA.  Sending in LATE DOA CLAIMS only forfeits the right to claim with no exemption.


If a DOA claim is needed, the Dealer, End User or Customer must first enter the website and fill out the form.  Please refer to REPORTING WEBSITE FOR DOA CASES definition and ensure to fill out everything and include all the details necessary.  Lack of details will only delay the process and possibly disqualify one from DOA claims.

Ensure that all contact numbers and emails necessary to communicate with the end user are also present. RC Victory World must be able to contact the customer claimant directly for potential issues that may arise.

Please refer to the DOA REPORTING TIME LIMIT definition to better understand that dealers or end users only have 7 days to formally and fully report the DOA case with RC Victory World and also send in the defective unit.


Filling out the Form is the foundation and starting point of communication for DOA and WARRANTY service.  This is why it is so important for all dealers, customers and end users to confirm with RC Victory World if it has already received the “Book-a-Repair Form” 

If the sender does not get a reply within 24 hours!

CLARITY AND COMPLETENESS is essential in filling out the BOOK-A-REPAIR form.  Failure to provide proper details in the “Book-a-repair form” will result in non issuance of “CLEARANCE TO SEND” via email.   Along with the CLEARANCE TO SEND is the SERVICE TICKET NUMBER which will be provided with the CLEARANCE TO SEND message.  


Packages sent to RC Victory World without prior “CLEARANCE TO SEND” and “SERVICE TICKET NUMBER” will be rejected and will be sent back to the sender.

SCHEDULE FOR RECEIVING BOOK-A REPAIR FORM has a 24 hour turnaround. For example, if a book-a-repair form was sent by a customer on a Monday and received by RC Victory World on the same day, the form will be officially recognized as arriving on Tuesday!  Therefore, Tuesday will be considered as the starting day or DAY 1.  However, SENDING ON SATURDAYS OR HOLIDAYS, the most important rule to keep in mind is, “received and recognized the next official working day.“  It is important to note that, sending a book-a-repair specifically sandwiched within a Sunday or a Holiday, can only be confirmed and attended on the earliest official working day.


RC VICTORY WORLD shall not be responsible for claims that a dealer or end consumer has sent a book-a-repair form if it is unconfirmed by RC Victory World staff.  Even if the dealer and end consumer can show proof of send. This is mainly because anything sent via the internet can sometimes get lost in the internet. RC Victory will only accept responsibility provided it replied confirming that it has already received the specific book-a-repair form.  Therefore keeping records of text and email on the part of the dealer or end-user is crucial.

“CLEARANCE TO SEND UNIT” & SERVICE TICKET NUMBER reply from RC Victory World will normally arrive at the sender’s email within 24 hours.  The latest should be no less than 48 hours from the time the sender has filled out and sent their “book-a-repair form.”  As mentioned, if the sender did not receive any “CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT OF BOOK-A-REPAIR FORM” from RC VICTORY WORLD, then this means, the form might not have arrived. Therefore, a quick call, text or email to RC Victory World is necessary to confirm if RC Victory World has actually received the book-a-repair form.

If a dealer and/or end users send their unit before receiving the CLEARANCE TO SEND UNIT & SERVICE TICKET NUMBER the unit will be returned to SENDERRC Victory will not accept any units sent for DOA or WARRANTY purposes if the sender her has not been given “CLEARANCE TO SEND UNIT“ and “SERVICE TICKET NUMBER“ prior.



Receiving of a physical unit rule of thumb is similar to the book-a-repair form.  RC Victory World will consider receipt of end-user product the next day after it was received.  This means, if the sender’s physical DOA product arrives on the premises and officially received on a Tuesday then Wednesday shall be counted as DAY 1 of the product and not the actual day of receipt.  RC Victory World will begin considering the DAY 1 for inspection and assessment of the unit on DAY 1.  Please remember, your detailed data on the e-mail is crucial in helping RC Victory determine if the product is DOA or not.  RC Victory World will update the Dealer or the End User within a turnaround time of 3 official working days starting from DAY 1 as defined below.  Definition of “receipt of the physical goods” as stated below:

Assessment begins the next day after the physical product is received. If your physical DOA product was received on a Saturday or a day before a holiday, then can only begin assessment of it on the next official business day which would be either Monday or if it was a long weekend or some sort of holiday, it will fall under the next official business day as 1st Day.

Once the assessment is done, two possible outcomes are to be expected. First is, if the product qualifies as DOA or Not. If the product is not qualified as DOA, then it could fall under Warranty repair instead.

RC Victory will contact the End User via email to inform if the issue qualifies as DOA or not.

If it qualifies as DOA, then RC Victory World will process the necessary Paperworks to obtain a replacement unit and replace the unit for the actual customer or product owner etc.

Take Note:Not all products however can be warranted locally.  Items that have severe issues cannot be fixed locally, thus needs to be shipped back to DJI HQ.

Items need to be shipped back to DJI needs special shipping and regulatory procedures which need to be discussed separately.  Logistical considerations and possible re-taxation for return of goods back to the Philippines needs to be considered as well.  Discussion with END USER OR PRODUCT OWNER IS NECESSARY.



All End Users or Unit Owners with claims Under DOA shall be contacted directly by RC Victory World and replacement units provided and arranged for pickup or shipped directly.


RC Victory World Trading Inc. reserves the right to update the instructions and terms and conditions of DOA and WARRANTY repair service without prior notice or need for consultation with local dealers and end users etc.  New instructions and terms and conditions will be added as we situation arises.  Please abide by the terms and service policy provided. 

Take note:

Please note that in order to Book a Repair with Drone Repair Philippines, Customers must agree to our terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions outline the details of our Repair Services, Warranty Information, and other Important Information. By Booking a Repair with us, you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

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